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Application Process

The Clinton Heights Fire Department is recruiting for both of our stations. You would apply to become a member of one of the companies first, and then the department. Below is the standard process timetable for becoming a volunteer with CHFD.

Step 1: If you reside or will be residing within the Clinton Heights Fire District, complete the website inquiry or contact the station.

Step 2: A CHFD member will contact you to discuss qualifications and expectations and answer your questions. If you both agree you’re a good volunteer candidate, you will receive a membership application and schedule an interview.

Step 3: Interview You meet with the Membership Committee, consisting of a panel of 5 to 7 department members. You may be invited to attend department training drill sessions as an observer.

Step 4: Background Checks All volunteers must pass a background check, and references from your application will be contacted.

Step 5: Processing Checks Applications take approximately 30 days to process. We will contact you about whether or not your application has been successful and why.

Step 6: Welcome to the Department If your membership application is accepted, we’ll issue you with a uniform, pager, and other gear. You can start attending regular training nights.

Step 7: Probation Period and Training You’ll complete a medical physical and start a standard training program completing online and in-person training, depending on the role.

Once you complete the required Probation training courses, you have the opportunity to start responding and riding with the department to calls.

Continue the Tradition

Our volunteer emergency responders positively impact hundreds of people yearly, responding to 300 calls yearly, and providing injury prevention, safety education, and emergency and support services. Whether saving their home from fire, helping to extricate them from a vehicle accident and transporting them to the hospital, or teaching someone CPR, we strive to make our community safer.

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